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All About Me

For her birthday, Hannah received a gift full of bath bombs. She realized she loved them! From dropping it into the water, the sound it made, to the color it made her water. Hannah was hooked so of course we started purchasing them! After a while, we saw how expensive they were to keep buying, so we thought "How about we try to make them?"


Soon began our journey to Hannah's Happy Hands. We saw that she enjoyed creating and making something of her own... we were offered the opportunity to sell Hannah's bath bombs and then soap at Zabs Place in Matthews NC, a wonderful retail store that trains employs and nurtures individuals with different talents! We began receiving orders privately for soap and bath bombs and the rest is history!!

Ultimately we hope that Hannah is able to support herself and we are able to lift up others to know the joy of independent employment

Our Entrepreneur 

Hannah is gifted with Autism and takes pride in creating special beauty items. We hope you enjoy her creation! Hannah's Happy Hands is a multi-dimensional brand that promotes health & beauty through her handmade soaps and bath bombs.


Towards the future we aim to expand our business to build a community where people with exceptionalities can express themselves through creativity and hands -on crafts. 

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